Scribble Every Day
      Sure It's Play, But It's Also Tremendous Preparation For Writing
Switching Places
      The Payoff For Reading a Child's Favorite Book Over and Over and OVER. . . .
The Label Game
      Words Mean Things, and That's Fun to Know
      Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Jack Be Smart With This Literacy Trick
Word Play
      Sounds and Syllables Make You Happy and 'Gigglable'
My First Story Notebook
      It's Never Too Soon to Start Recording Those Creative First Stories
A Wish in a Bottle of Sand
      Mystery and Adventure Are Yours in a Handful of Sand, and a Little Imagination
Alphabet Book
      A Special Keepsake Likely to Turn Up at a High School Graduation Party Display Years From Now!
Alphabet Play-Doh
      Shaping a Love for Language With Everybody's Favorite -- Play-Doh
Bake an Alphabet Letter
      Biscuit Dough Bakes Up as Nourishing Fun for Body and Mind, All Rights Reserved.