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Preschool Writing:

Alphabet Book


Today's Snack: It's sometimes hard to find the cereal Alpha-Bits, but if you can, that's a fun snack for preschool writing projects. Or just give each child a half-cup of Cheerios and a napkin, and challenge them to form the first letter of their name on the napkin by lining up Cheerios. What to drink with it? Make an "m" for milk!





Oaktag, cardstock or paper, cut into strips that are 11" or 12" wide x 3" or 4" tall

Seven strips for each child, stacked and book-folded | Preprinted titles - see below

Capital and lower-case letters, pre-printed and cut out

Gluestick for each child

Die-cuts for items that start with each letter of the alphabet

Envelope for each child to keep their project together until it's bound

Staple-bind, plastic comb bind, or just double-staple the edge to bind

If you can laminate these books, it makes them more special



Children are so very proud of their own work! You can make the alphabet extra-special to a child if you help the child make an alphabet book!


You might do just four pages per day and spread this project out, since it is rather challenging for a preschool child.


First, stack the seven pieces of oaktag, cardstock or paper, and book-fold in advance for the child. That way, you can see that there are 28 pages in this mini-book. The first page is for the title and the child's name, and the back page should contain the name of the program and the month or season and year the book was completed. Each of the remaining 26 pages will feature a different letter of the alphabet.


Print out the title in advance, using color ink, such as:












Name __________________________





You can glue it in place on the title page. The child can write his or her name in the blank. There! Page 1 is done!


Now give each child a set of alphabet letters, and a set of the matching die-cuts. With the adult leading the way, show the children to glue the Aa to the upper left-hand corner of Page 2 - the other side of the title page. Then glue the die-cut item you've selected to represent the letter a. An apple is a good example.


Continue on to page 3. This time, glue the Bb to the upper RIGHT-hand corner of the page. Then glue the die-cut item you've selected to represent the letter b. It could be a boat or a banana.


Page 4, for the letter Cc, will be on the next left-hand page. Continue on through the alphabet. You will end up with Zz on the inside back cover.


After completing four pages, put the project into an envelope to store, to keep everyone's book neat and tidy.


For the back cover, you can print out the name of the sponsoring program, and the season, term or month and year in which the book was completed. Give one to each child to be glued onto the back cover.


It adds a lot to the child's delight if you take the time and expense to laminate each page, and then have them saddle-bound by stapling, or plastic comb-bound, so that they will lie flat and can be used over and over.


This will be a real keepsake as the child continues on through preschool and K-12 school. This is the sort of preschool project that usually is displayed at the high school graduation party! So take time to make it really nice.



By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2012

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