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Preschool Writing:

Bake an Alphabet Letter


Today's Snack: Each child will get to eat the assigned alphabet letter after it's baked, which will be fun. Enjoy with a glass of cold milk.




26 sections of refrigerator dough

Small sections of waxed paper | Large spatula

Cooking spray | baking sheets | preheated oven



It really helps children visualize the alphabet if they can actually form an alphabet letter with their hands! Kids are so kinesthetic - meaning that they learn by moving and touching things. So this activity, while fun, actually has a strong purpose of making children more familiar with the letters of the English alphabet.


Make sure the children's hands are washed and dried before you do this activity!


Depending on how many children you are working with, give each child a piece of waxed paper large enough to hold one or more alphabet letters made of the dough.


Assign alphabet letters to each child. So if you have 12 children, you can assign two letters to each child, and two of the children can do three letters, to make the total of 26 letters in the English alphabet.


If you are just working with one child, it's always fun to let that child make his or her name out of the dough, and the family can eat the alphabet rolls for dinner!


In any event, give each child a piece of refrigerated biscuit dough, and let him or her shape it into the assigned letter or letters. It really helps to have an alphabet poster in the room that the children can look at as they shape their letter, or write the alphabet on the board.


Depending on the age of the children, you might want to try capital letters and lower-case. They can always tear their section of dough in half to make more letters if they wish. Carefully transfer with a large spatula to the prepared cookie sheets.


The children will enjoy arranging their creations so that they stay the right shape. You might bake them for a shorter amount of time than the package directions call for, since the letters will be more narrow than a rounded biscuit.


Let cool, remove carefully with a spatula, and have fun forming words and commenting on each other's letters. Then eat and enjoy!


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2012

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