2) Voice



Paper Doll Character to 'Picture' Writing Style
      Invent a Character, Give It a 'Voice,' Cut It Out as a Paper Doll or Action Figure, and Let It Write Its Own Story
Cat Tales
      Inventing Cat Quotes to Help You Focus on Personality
In Your Own Words
      Nobody Else Can Write Just Like You, And That's Good!
Personality, Live and In Color
      'Voice' Is to Writing As Color Is to Painting
It's In the Bag
      Grab Bags Containing Toy Characters Can Help You Shape Your Writing Voice
Matching the Voice With the Topic
      Lining Up a Writing Style is Like Choosing the Right Clothes For Your Topic
Changing Your Slant
      How Many Different Ways Can You Write the Same Sentence?
Tape Recorder Caper
      Listen to Other People's Voices to Master Your Own
Like I Told You. . . .
      Discover Your Writing 'Voice' By Practicing Your Speaking 'Voice'
Use Your FACE!
      Reminder Sketch on Every Paper Helps You Include Rich Details From the Five Senses, Enhancing Your 'Voice'
Every Writer is a Snowflake
      Make Paper Snowflakes, and Celebrate the Fact That Nobody Else Has Ever Written Exactly Like You

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