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Writing: Voice

Paper Doll Character to 'Picture' Writing Style



Today's Snack: Tear the paper off a fruit popsicle, and drink ice water from a paper cup.




Scratch paper and No. 2 pencil

Drawing paper and thin black marker, colored pencils, markers, etc.


Lined writing paper



To help you become more aware of "voice" in your communication style, let's create a character. It can be a person, an object, a "thing" - let your imagination go wild and invent a character with a "voice" that has never before been heard!


Then you can "play" with that character's "voice" - sort of like creating a doll or action figure just to help you improve your writing.


Here's what to do:


1.      Define what the character is like with a list on scratch paper;


2.      On nice drawing paper, draw and color a picture of the character;


3.      Cut out the character into a paper doll or action figure;


4.      Make up a story and "act it out" with your character


5.      Write the story in that character's own unique "voice."



First, on scratch paper, list things about your character to help you define him, her or it.


List Facts:

name, age, appearance, diet, likes, dislikes,

where from, job or activities,

clothing or gear, home or family life


List Traits:

serious or humorous?

calm or nervous? nice or mean?

smooth or clumsy?


List Style:

what this character's "voice" would be like

words that this character might use

simple or complex sentences?

small or big words?

slang? special vocabulary? dialogue?



Now draw a big picture of your character, color it in, and cut it out.


Next, and this step might be the most fun if you had at least one other student doing this with you, play-act a story with your character.


Practice how your character would speak, and what tone, mood and style the character would use if he or she wrote a story.


Last, but not least, write a story in your character's "voice."


Now look what you created out of nothing! A whole, new, remarkable, entertaining, loveable character out of your imagination, some scratch paper, and a picture.


Do the same thing every time you write, and you'll be the "picture" of writing success!



By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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