Make a 'Fridgesite'
      A Simple Way to Remind Yourself to Be On the Lookout For New Vocabulary Words Every Day
      Collecting New Vocabulary Words in Categories Makes It Fun
Word Jar
      Can You Collect 500 New Words Every Year?
Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt
      Practice 'Fluency' By Coming Up With Lots of Words, Fast, For 'Found' Items, and Then Write a Story About Your Favorite
      Anticipate Vocabulary Words That You Might Use in a Story By Listing Them Ahead of Time
Invest In Your ‘Intellectual Capital’
      Negotiate a 'Dividend' For Every Book You Read -- The Best Way to Learn New Words
A Garden of Root Words
      A Colorful 'Garden' For Your Wall Showing How Root Words Cause New Words to Sprout
Synonyms: 'Equal' Words From the ‘I Have a Dream Speech’
      Use a Thesaurus For This Martin Luther King Day Activity

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