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Make a 'Fridgesite'


Today's Snack: Naturally, since today's topic has to do with your home refrigerator, we're going to suggest a snack that should be in everyone's "fridge" - a nice, cold apple, with a nice, cold glass of milk.




Small dry-erase board and marker



We all know about "websites." But have you ever heard of a "fridgesite"?


You may already have one. We're talking about the front of your refrigerator. That seems to be the most popular place for people to post information, past school papers, upcoming events, and other news and things you need to know.


It's like a "website" for your family. But there's no electronics involved.


Well, you can turn your "fridgesite" into a place where you can all work together as a family to build your vocabularies. All you need is a small dry-erase board, which should come with mounting tape on the back. Put it in place, and then start your fridgesite!


All you have to do is write three new, unfamiliar vocabulary words per day on your fridgesite. Once the board is full, just erase the words that have been there the longest, and start over.


The whole family can join in the fun, adding words as they encounter them.


Where can you find new words to add to your fridgesite?


In the newspaper . . . magazines . . . books . . . radio reports . . . TV . . . from movies . . . something a friend or relative said . . . a crossword puzzle book . . . even the good, old-fashioned dictionary. You can open it at random, find a word, and write it on your fridgesite.


That's all there is to it - and it's so good for you. Like the contents of your refrigerator, these new words will nourish you. Only not your body - your mind!


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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