Family Writing Fun



Make a 'Fridgesite'
      Turn Your Refrigerator Into a Fun, Simple, Low-Tech But High-Value Communications Center
A 'Take-Turns' Family Story
      Teamwork Produces a One-of-a-Kind Story You'll Cherish
      Kids Love to Become Reporter-Photographers Recording Your Family Vacations
Words on Wheels
      Creative Word Play 'Prompts' to Bring Along on Boring Drives
Thanksgiving Word Game
      How Many Words Can You Find in 'Thanksgiving Feast'?
Summer Word Jar
      Build Vocabulary By Living Life, and Reward With a Fun Summer Outing
Mad Libs
      Teach Kids the Parts of Speech, and Stretch Their Vocabularies, With This Funny Activity
      Create a Party Theme and Communicate the Party Details in a Colorful Writing Project, All Rights Reserved.