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After School Treats kids
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Writing: Family Writing Fun

Words on Wheels


Today's Snack: Cut wedges from a "wheel" of cheese - one of those hard, round cheeses you can find in the deli counter. Team up your cheese with some sliced summer sausage or salami, and wheat crackers. Apple juice tastes great with this snack.




Print out this list of word play "prompts"


Bring it in the car and use a No. 2 pencil to add more responses



Whenever you're in the car, don't just sit there like a lump! Stretch your imagination and vocabulary with these verbal treats. Each "prompt" has an example, but you can think of lots more.


Write your answers on this page and keep this in the car. Go beyond the obvious. Get wacky! Be a verbal Big Wheel.




Word Prompt Examples:


1. Name things that are blue. Pinocchio's nose in winter.







2. 10 things you wouldn't want Waffle irons, maple syrup.

it to rain (instead of raindrops).







3. Long words that start with "l." Lugubrious, lollapalooza.







4. What rhymes with "eat"? Obsolete, indiscreet, elite.







5. Different ways to move. Jiggle, plummet, curl, crawl.







6. Name things that cover. A $5 bill covers lunch.







7. Make words from numbers. 2thache, 7tee, B9, 1derful







8. Tell a story. The first sentence "Always a kidder, Joe Blow

starts with an "A," the next walked on his hands. But he

sentence starts with a "B," didn't see the wet pavement.

and so forth. Concrete is mushy. . . ."







9. Name states. State of matrimony.







10. Name something from nature Calm sea, sad bassett hound,

and an emotion it represents. angry storm, tender bunny.







11. Give a word. Who's next Black panther wild tame

has to give a word that is elephant circus peanuts

associated with it: means the cartoons music rock hard

same thing, or is opposite, or soft cheese . . . now you

is often combined with it. start with "fast."







12. Name things that are dry. Wit, doll diaper, booted feet







13. A simile (sim-uh-lee) As tight as my Internet

compares two things that access code . . . as sharp as

are not alike. Think of a pit bull's fang . . . as long

new similes. as my list of things to do








By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010





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