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My Idea Box


Today's Snack: Have something that comes in a box. Raisins? A snack-size box of cereal? Single-serving box of animal crackers? And what to drink with your boxed snack? Why, a juice box, of course.





Box of sturdy cardboard or wood

Materials to decorate it

Glue, tape, scissors

Spiral notebook that you can decorate to match



They say a good, strong writer is someone who always has one writing project going, and the idea for the next one ready to go. So make writing a convenient habit, and keep "the next idea" always at your fingertips.


Start with a nice-looking box, such as a hinged cigar box or shoebox. The bigger, the better! You can purchase a sturdy, attractive paper or wood box in a store, too.


Cover the box and decorate it any way you choose. Maybe paint it? Tape on nice gift wrap? An old map? Fake fur? Glue on beads or costume jewelry? Pretty contact paper? Use whatever you'd like, to make the box into a point of pride and a focal point in your room.


At the same time, decorate a blank spiral notebook with the same materials so that it matches the box. This will become your "Imagination Notebook." Use it to develop your writing ideas . . . and keep your box full!


Here's a list of things to put in your box as future writing ideas. How many more can you list?


         Story ideas


         Something funny, memorable or sweet that a friend said


         Newspaper clippings


         Movie ticket if you have an idea for a sequel


         An ad that gives you an idea for a new product invention


         Funny photos that you can write captions for


         A comic strip or cartoon that you like






         A quote from a famous person


         A metaphor that you made up


         Pictures from magazines or catalogs




         Small toys


         Objects found outside, like feathers (as long as they aren't alive, like frogs!)


         Favorite words


         Places in the United States that you would like to visit


         Foreign countries or places that interest you


         Well-written paragraphs clipped from ads or junk mail


What else?


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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