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Finger Aerobics


Today's Snack: Chicken fingers, of course! Dip in ketchup or BBQ sauce. Wash down with flavored milk - maybe strawberry.






Just your fingers!



Here are some fun exercises to do anytime you're just hanging around - maybe while you're riding in the car, watching TV, or waiting for a table in a restaurant.


These are exercises for a part of your body you don't normally worry about getting stronger - your fingers! But if you "work out" your 10 little digits, you will become a more graceful writer who can last a lot longer with a writing assignment than other kids can -- no sweat!


Just learn these number-labels:


1 - the thumb

2 - the forefinger

3 - the middle finger

4 - the ring finger

5 - the pinkie


It's the same for both the left hand and the right hand, though the order of the numbers will be opposite. For example, the far left-hand pinkie will be 5, just the same as the far right-hand pinkie.


Once you're clear on which finger is which number, have a parent, a sibling or a friend call out a number and immediately, bend in that finger. Go as fast as you can for as long as you can.


You can see how this will build a strong, fast connection between the brain and the fingers. Try it to a fast tune on the radio!


Here are more "finger aerobics." Try to do these a few minutes a day - no more sore hands, no matter how much writing homework you have!


Two-finger aerobics - your partner calls out two fingers at a time. Both fingers have to be bent inward, and that will keep things hopping! Start with two fingers on one hand, add two fingers with the other hand, and work your way up to four fingers on two hands! Whew!


Push palms together to the count of "5" - that's a great warm-up activity before you start writing. It helps increase the blood flow to your hands and lower arms, which helps the muscles work better.


"Hook" your four fingers together on both hands, with your hands on top of each other in front of you. Your right palm faces up, and your left palm faces down. Pull to the count of "5." Now switch hands and do it again 5 times.


Hug yourself tightly. That also increases blood flow to your hands and arms. Plus, it feels good!


Circle your shoulders: lift them up, push them back, and then drop them down. Do this 5 times.


To get your posture right for writing: stomp your feet and raise your hands straight up in the air. Wave them from side to side and shout, "Nah! Nah! Nahhhh! Nah! Nah! Nahhhh!" When you quiet back down, poof! You'll be sitting with a straight back and good posture. (First make sure this is OK with your parent, teacher or other supervisor!)


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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