Movie Reviews
      Pick a Movie and Persuade Us to Go See It
Types of Writing
      Play 'The Match Game' If You Dare -- Who Knew There Were So Many Formats for the Written Word?
The Five-Paragraph Essay
      The Most Useful Format of All in Schools, Colleges and Workplaces
Narratives -- A Narrative Checklist
      Shape a Good Story By Checking Off the Must-Haves
Narratives -- The Personal Essay
      Everybody's Favorite, For 'What I Did On My Summer Vacation,' and Beyond
Informatives -- Reports, Explanations, and 'Just the Facts, Ma'am'
      Like Water, Factual Writing is Plain -- But Essential
Descriptive Writing -- Make a Face, Literally!
      Using a Mini-Chart of Your Five Senses to Produce Well-Rounded Details
Descriptive Writing -- Using Lists
      'Bridle' Your Imagination for Productive Detail Lists
Descriptive Writing -- Up Close and Personal
      Bringing In Objects to Practice Observational Skills Jogs Other Forms of Observation, Too, All Rights Reserved.