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Descriptive Writing:

Up Close and Personal


Today's Snack: Put a handful of washed strawberries in a bowl. Pick each one up and look at it closely. Be able to tell how each one is a little different. Cut off the green tops if you wish, with adult supervision, and slice if you wish. Sprinkle just a little powdered sugar on top. Now observe how the strawberries taste. Yummmmm! Top them off with some strawberry-flavored milk.





Bring in as many of the objects listed below as you can,

or anything else that can serve as a focal point

for practicing observational skills


Pencil and paper



Let's practice our observation skills. Observation - to "observe" - means to notice, perceive, or pay attention to. You're not always observing just what something looks and feels like. Often, you are observing how that object RELATES and CONNECTS with other things - including your memories, dreams and ideas.


Study the object in front of you, or your assigned item if it is too big to bring in. Now write as many details as you can in making observations about that object.


Don't just describe it physically, though that's fine, and you can work on your descriptive skills, such as not calling something "brown" but more creatively calling it "the color of the dirt in a baseball field."


Besides describing the actual object, include details of memories that it jogs in you, hopes and dreams or fears and disappointments that it reminds you of, people it makes you think about, music and sports and family activities that it brings to mind, and so on.


Here's a list of possibilities:


1.      a waiting room

2.      a basketball, baseball glove, or tennis racket

3.      a cell phone

4.      a treasured belonging

5.      a laptop computer

6.      a favorite restaurant

7.      your dream house

8.      your ideal roommate

9.      a closet

10. your memory of a place that you visited as a child

11. a locker

12. an accident scene

13. a city bus or subway train

14. an unusual room

15. a child's secret hiding place

16. a bowl of fruit

17. an item left too long in your refrigerator

18. backstage during a play or a concert

19. a vase of flowers

20. a rest room in a service station

21. a street that leads to your home or school

22. your favorite food

23. the inside of a spaceship

24. the scene at a concert or athletic event

25. an art exhibit

26. an ideal apartment

27. your old neighborhood

28. a small town cemetery

29. a pizza

30. a pet

31. a photograph

32. a hospital emergency room

33. a particular friend or family member

34. a painting

35. a storefront window

36. an inspiring view

37. a work table

38. a character from a book, movie, or television program

39. a refrigerator or washing machine

40. a Halloween costume


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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