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Tricky Word Flashcards


Today's Snack: Here's a trick that you can do with a taco shell. Instead of putting taco meat inside a soft or hard tortilla shell, put one strip of bacon, cooked, drained and crumbled up. Add 1 egg, beaten and scrambled over low heat, plus a sprinkling of shredded cheese. Yummy! Have some orange juice or apple juice to go with.




Blank index cards | pencil | dictionary | thick rubber band



The best way to become a good speller is to practice. An easy way to practice your spelling is to make your own "practice deck" of flashcards of tricky spelling words.


You can use index cards to make your spelling flashcards. If you don't have index cards, you can cut up scratch paper, or use the backs of recycled letters. Ask in the office of your school, church or parents' business for extra paper you can use for this purpose.


If the following words are too difficult, put your own spelling words on index cards, and add more each week until you have a huge deck. You probably have a spelling test each week at school; just add flashcards to your deck for all those words that give you trouble, or that you misspell on the test. Next time, you'll get them right!


Put a different tough word on each card. Write it fairly big. Put a little space between the syllables to help you remember how to pronounce each one.


Use a dictionary to double-check each spelling. If you aren't sure what the word means, you can jot down the definition, or meaning, of the word on each card, too.


Once a week or so, study the cards. To study a spelling word, pronounce it out loud, study the spelling, and then shut your eyes, pronounce it again, and spell it out loud. Now give the deck to a friend or family member to quiz you. He or she shouldn't let you see the words, but just pronounce them out loud, and you spell them out loud.


They say that once you have looked at a word, and said it aloud, 25 times, even a very difficult word, you have mastered the spelling, and it will be yours forever. So drill yourself as often as you can, and it'll really pay off. Keep your deck neat with a large rubber band.


Study these words once a week for one semester of the school year, and you will be a master speller!



         ab sence

         ac ci den tal ly

         ac com plish

         ac cor di on

         a cross

         ad vice

         af fect

         ef fect

         a part ment

         ap pear ance

         arc tic

         ar gu ment

         at ten dance

         bal loon

         bar be cue

         be gin ning

         be lief

         be lieve

         bis cuit

         cal en dar

         cem e ter y

         chan ging





         cloth ing


         com ing

         coun sel or

         de ceive

         des cribe

         des pair

         de vel op

         dic tion ar y

         dif fer ence

         dis ap point

         dis ease

         eas I ly

         en e my

         en vir on ment

         ex is tence

         ex is tent

         fam i liar

         Feb ru ar y

         for ty


         gen er al ly

         gen us

         gov ern ment

         gram mar

         hap pi ly



         hop ing

         im a gin ary

         is land

         i deal ly

         in cred I ble

         jeal ous ly

         know ledge

         la ter

         light ning



         mag a zine

         min utes

         mys ter I ous

         nine ty


         o be di ence

         op tim is m

         or I gin

         pe cu li ar

         per form ance

         plan ning

         pos si ble

         quiz zes

         real ize

         real ly

         safe ty

         sur prise

         there fore



         un ique

         vac uum

         vol ume


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2012


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