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Reversals & Visual Discrimination


Today's Snack: Eat a banana in reverse: hold it upside down and peel the peel upward, if you can without laughing. Then go outside and try drinking a cup of water in reverse -- from the opposite edge of the cup. It's not as easy as you might think!





Mirror | paper | pencil



Writing letters backwards is fairly common. But it's a habit nobody needs! First, make funny faces in the mirror - you know you want to! Then, try these exercises to help you get some "reps" on writing a few key letters correctly:


1.      Look in a mirror; pronounce the phonogram /b/.


When you pronounce a phonogram, which is the written symbol for a sound in the English language, you pronounce just that sound. Don't be making a long syllable out of it, as in "buhhhhhhh." Just /b/.


See how your lips form a straight horizontal line when you say a /b/ sound? That's your clue to write the line first when you write the letter "b," and THEN write the circle. Write a bunch of b's while saying the /b/ sound aloud.




2. Look in the mirror again; pronounce a /d/.


Again, don't say /duhhhhhh/ -- that's humorous, in a way - but crisply, just pronounce that /d/ sound.


See how your lips form an oval, not a line? See how you CAN'T say a /d/ with your lips forming a line? That's a reminder that with a /d/ you should write the oval first, and THEN add the line. Write some d's, saying it aloud.




3.      Do the same thing with p's and q's.




Do these puzzles to help your "visual discrimination" skills.

Circle the one that's different

It'll help you see straight!










, , , /



/ . / /



h e e e



2 2 2 0



at an in na



on in an no



jmpu jump mujp mjpu



receive receive receive recieve



bed deb bed bed


By Susan Darst Williams Writing 2010


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