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Sentences Never Start With 'Me' 


Today's Snack: Since we are going to learn when to use the word "I" and when to use the word "me" today, let's have snacks that have the "I" sound and the "me" sound. For the "I" sound, even though the letter "y" makes the sound, let's have some papaya! If they don't have fresh ones in the produce aisle, canned papaya is still very tasty. For the "me" sound, have some sliced salami on crackers. Drink plenty of ice water to wash down those two very different tastes. 




Paper | pencil 


One of the most common grammar errors made by people of all ages is to start a sentence with the word "Me." 


For example: "Me and my family will be there at 8," or "Me and Josh are going to play baseball." 


Now's the time to quit making that mistake. Resolve that you will never goof that way again. 


Instead, you refer to yourself second in sentences like that, and usually you should use "I" instead of "me." 


For example: "My family and I will be there at 8," or "Josh and I are going to play baseball." 


A good way to memorize this is: if you can leave off the other party, and just refer to yourself, then it will be clear that you shouldn't use "me."  


For example: "Me will be there at 8," or "Me is going to play baseball." 


It sounds terrible, doesn't it? But these are right: "I will be there at 8," or "I am going to play baseball." 


It helps a lot to remember the rule that the word "me" never starts a sentence, and when you are talking about more than one person, you usually refer to the other person first, and then yourself, and usually you will refer to yourself as "I" instead of "me." 


Now take turns saying aloud a sentence that is wrong, that does start with the word "me," but everybody should write down on the paper the correct wording. Do three together, as a group, and three individually.  


By now, you should have the rule down pat! That makes me (not I!!!!) very happy!   


By Susan Darst Williams www.AfterSchoolTreats.com Writing: Grammar 2012 



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