4 ) Sentences & Paragraphs



Top 10 Fluency Rules -- Avoiding 'Stop Signs'
      Take a Quick Quiz on the Rules of the Road for Writing
Activity Sheet For the Treat Above: Stop Signs and Green Lights
      Enough Sets for 12 Students; Keep For Future Activities For Which Kids Need a "Stop" and "Go" Sign
Pleasing Reading: An 11-Word Average
      Sentence Word Counts That Are Not Too Long, Not Too Short, But JUST RIGHT
The Four Kinds of Sentences
      Can You Name Them? Simple . . . Complex . . . And . . . ???
Great Starts
      Sentence Beginnings That Have "Pull"
The Parts of a Paragraph
      Use Blocks or Boxes to "Build" a Strong Paragraph
Round Robin -- Writing As a Team
      Use Blocks or Boxes to "Build" a Strong Paragraph
The Rule of Three
      Descriptive Detail: The Three M&M Motivation
A Sound Effects Script
      Fluency Activity: Working Sound Into Your Writing Is a Bellringer for Reader Enjoyment
Writer's Theatre
      Fluency Activity: Having Your Writing Read Aloud and Reviewed Is a Great Way to Get Applause . . . and Maybe Some Needed Constructive Criticism
The Silent Treatment Game
      A Relaxing Change of Pace: Written Conversations Get the Words Flowing

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