3) Organization



Graphic Organizer: Storyburger
      Colored Construction Paper Makes Story Organizing Deliciously Fun
Graphic Organizer: Build a Pyramid
      A Puzzle With Three Pieces Teaches Beginning, Middle and End
Graphic Organizer: Story Snowman
      Making a Story Plan for a Beginning, Middle and End That Won't Melt!
Structure -- Strong As a Castle
      Get Together as Many Toy Blocks as You Can Find -- We Have a Castle to Build!
If the Shoe Fits -- Matching Structure With Purpose
      First, Right-Size Shoes; Then, Right-Size Structures for Different Kinds of Writing Tasks
Activity Sheet for 'If the Shoe Fits'
      Goes With the Treat Listed Above; Print Out One Copy For Each Student
      I. Broad Strokes, II. General Ideas, and III. Keep Purpose In Mind
Beginning, Middle and End
      Let's Discuss 'The Big 3' and Then Write 2 Stories That Have Them Nailed
Sequencing Information
      Don't Have to Have Things in Chronological Order . . . But SOME Kind of Order is a Must
Chain Link Story
      A Sequencing Activity For Younger Writers
Bringing a Skeleton to Life
      Don't Worry, It's Only On Paper: How the 'Bones' of a Story Work Together
Great Beginnings Start With a Bang
      The Seven Types of Starter Sentences, or 'Leads'

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